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inspiring picture of chains turning into flying birds like prisoners breaking their chains

From Cell 2 Soul's Five-Step Strategy for Preparing Clients to Face Federal Prison

From Cell 2 Soul  was founded to help people. We want our clients to self-surrender at their assigned prisons with the confidence they will be safe. We want them to have the tools they need to take advantage of the few opportunities available in custody, to have a plan to pass the time in a positive, productive manner, and ease their family’s worries during this ordeal.


We understand how many white-collar criminals and other first-time offenders feel when the handcuffs first clamp tight. It’s a terrifying experience, but with our hard-won knowledge, our clients can avoid the steep learning curve we faced as new fish in federal prison.  Our Five-Step Prison Consulting Strategy is comprehensive.


Adjusting to prison requires a unique skill set. Your imagination can’t help you envision the ordeal correctly.  Movies about the subject mislead more than they educate. You can only learn to operate in that strange environment in two ways:

  1. Someone who has been there shows you the ropes

  2. You take your lumps as you learn about it in real-time

Most incarceration advisers only spent a few months at a minimum-security camp.  Some were protective custody inmates and child molesters who couldn’t walk a real yard anywhere in the FBOP system.  Some were con artists in their former lives and simply see this as a new racket.


Our Five-Part Prison Consulting Strategy was designed to set us apart from this unscrupulous competition and to fully prepare our clients for every step along the way. We take them through every part of the process, from the Pre-Sentence Investigation all the way to release back to society. See below the full description of our services.

Skeptical about us?  Then, download our free eBook:  A Meaningful Life Requires Meaningful Effort It will verify our qualifications and show you where our hearts are.  

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