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Updated: Jan 17

Welcome to From Cell 2 Soul's Blog

Who We Are

Hi, I'm Scott Brooks Jr., CEO and founder of From Cell 2 Soul Personal Growth and Federal Prison Consultants LLC. I wanted to take a moment here and introduce my company. I'll follow this introduction with our first, actual blog post and video.

Why I Started From Cell to Soul

After seeing the extreme stress my family endured when I was incarcerated, I created From Cell 2 Soul to prepare white collar criminals and other first-time offenders, not only for the difficult journeys they face, but also to reduce the anxiety and fear that their loved ones feel, because, let's face it, they have to do the time too.

This introductory message has two main points: First, I want to show you why I'm qualified to start a Federal Prison Consulting Service, and second, I want to explain the goals I plan to achieve with this business.

My Qualifications to Start a Federal Prison Consulting Service

If experience counts for anything, I have more than most. I went into custody at twenty-three years of age and was released a few weeks shy of my forty-sixth birthday in 2023. If you, or a loved one, faces a stretch behind the razor wire, seek insight from someone who has been there, not as a short-time tourist in a minimum-security camp, or as a former FBOP employee who only tasted incarceration by the eight-hour shift. They don't know what it's like to deal with a months-long lockdown in an 8' by 11' cell, or had to square off across the rec yard in an eighty-man prison brawl.

What Makes From Cell 2 Soul Different from Other Incarceration Advising Companies

From Cell 2 Soul created a Five Step Strategy (SM) to fully prepare federal inmates for incarceration. Step Four: Doing Time the Right Way is unique to our company. In it, we teach inmates how to focus on mental, physical, and spiritual health while they serve time. I credit the techniques discussed here for not only helping me survive two-decades in custody, but also enabling me to look back on the experience with almost as much gratitude as regret. To learn more about this, download my free eBook: A Meaningful Life Requires Meaningful Effort.

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