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What is a Federal Prison Consultant?

Updated: Feb 6

     Prison consultants help clients prepare for incarceration at a federal correctional institution. The most qualified of these incarceration specialists have spent time behind bars themselves, and as a result, can offer valuable instructions about how to get through the experience safely.  Convicts have to learn unusual social skills to avoid problems while in custody. These jailhouse experts teach clients how to avoid arguments, fights, and more serious violence with fellow convicts, and even how to dodge problems with guards, and different racial groups, as well as the best ways for calming situations when things get tense.

     Federal prison consultants also teach first time offenders how the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ rules, regulations, and procedures work.  These advisors will have a firm grasp of the BOP’s Program Statements and will be able to discuss the pertinent documents with clients.  This knowledge empowers the newly convicted and shows them how to take advantage of every benefit offered to inmates while they serve time.  Further, these federal correctional advisors provide the know-how to defend one’s rights while incarcerated without having to suffer the difficult learning curve most new fish endure.

     The best prison consultants help clients prepare for events they might not have even thought about. This includes guidance regarding family issues and how to maintain long distance, prison relationships. Few truly understand how incarceration affects loved ones like those incarceration specialists who served long sentences themselves.

     Family members have to deal with arrogant, unhelpful FBOP employees at visitation. They face the hassle of probation officers in their homes during pretrial confinement and again after their husband, son, or father’s release from prison.  A professional convict advisor can help answer questions regarding these issues and guarantee all involved are prepared for every possible outcome.

     Federal incarceration consultants do not offer legal advice. Their job starts when the attorney’s ends. Lawyers offer counsel through every courtroom hurdle until the direct appeal process wraps up, but their expertise doesn’t extend to the prison experience.  Most litigators are unable, and even unwilling, to help their clients prepare for a stay in a correctional facility.  More recently, though, some lawyers have begun to refer clients to reputable prison consulting agencies, because they see these services as beneficial for first time offenders with little “street experience,” who may be afraid of what is waiting for them once the locks clang shut.

     The services provided by these firms are especially important to individuals on pretrial release.  In normal circumstances, federal arrestees begin to learn how prison works from other detainees during their stay in jail.  The county jail or federal holdover experience provides several months to help newbies adjust to the environment in a more controlled, and safer, setting.  It allows them to start learning the unwritten rules of prison etiquette before being shipped to a federal prison.

     Pretrial arrestees who receive a bond and stay under house arrest prior to accepting a plea, or being convicted by a jury, miss a huge opportunity. They don’t receive the guidance before self-surrendering at the front gate that most first-time offenders pick up in county.  Hiring a federal prison expert provides the best way to bridge this gap. 

     Ex-cons who enter the prison consultancy profession, have gained valuable expertise that can only be learned one way, by doing a stretch behind the razor wire. These men and women discovered how to endure time the hard way.  Prison can tax the mind, body, and spirit; but the best people who get into this business figured out how to get through the situation in a positive way.  Consulting provides them a means to share their experience and expertise for those who can benefit most by the information.



     The best way to understand what a prison consultant is requires looking at what these advisors offer their clients in a more specific way.  From Cell 2 Soul Prison Consulting offers a five-part strategy to prepare clients fully for the difficult journey they face. 


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