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Tips for Surviving Federal Prison and Life After: An Interview with Hayth Brewbaker

Our federal prison consulting blog gives me a platform to serve my clients and the general public as a whole. I will use it to provide advice about incarceration, to reassure family members with loved ones in custody, and to help ex-cons get on their feet as fast as possible after release. To do this more effectively, I will bring in other people, who also have lived experience, to provide their own insights to my online followers.

From Cell 2 Soul Federal Prison Consulting Blog's First Interview

This edition of From Cell 2 Soul Blog on Federal Prison features an interview with Hayth Brewbaker. Hayth and I were born in the same hometown and went to elementary school together, but we lost touch when Hayth's family moved to another city while we were both still young. After the separation, we went a decade without seeing one another. In fact, our reunion only took place years later when we ended up in the same jail cell after both of us were indicted on federal charges.

We began our punishment together but were separated soon after Hayth got sentenced. Hayth served close to sixteen years in federal custody for armed bank robbery. In our YouTube talk, he shares the coping mechanisms he developed in custody and how he managed to turn incarceration into a positive experience.

He explains the strangeness of reentry back to society after serving a decade and a half in federal prison. He also relates how the coping mechanisms he developed inside served him after release. He gives valuable insights to anyone facing incarceration or may be returning to society soon. Please watch the included video for further information about how Hayth survived an experience many would consider hell on earth.

From Cell 2 Soul Federal Prison Consultants Offers More Information About Hayth and Federal Prison

Hayth and I stayed in touch even though we never served time on the same yard together. I'd like to think we each inspired the other to stay positive and make the most of a bad situation while we did time. When I wrote my first book,

A Soul Call from Prison, I included my county jail encounter with Hayth. I've mentioned him in other works as well. Now that I'm out, and have this platform, I'm happy to have Hayth involved with this endeavor. He has agreed to do future interviews on different topics. So, stayed tuned. If you would like to purchase a copy of A Soul Call from Prison, click the link below.

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