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How Can White-Collar Criminals Guarantee They Earn the Year Off Their Sentences Through the Residential Drug Abuse Program?

Unscrupulous Federal Prison Consultants promise online that they can help clients gain admittance to the Residential Drug Abuse Program, and as a result, guarantee that those that pay them will earn an early release from prison. Unfortunately, these conmen have no power to determine RDAP eligibility. The ironic fact is that every white-collar criminal is already eligible for the program and its time cut.

How RDAP Eligibility Is Determined for White-Collar Criminals

First of all, anyone who wants to take the program can sign up for it; however, no one with a crime of violence, or a "touch" sex crime, is eligible to earn the twelve-month sentence reduction. That is the big hurdle for eligibility, and every white-collar criminal, with no other violent convictions in his or her past, meets it. Having said that, there is one more element that must be met before a white-collar criminal can be guaranteed a sentence reduction.

RDAP Sentence Reductions Can Only Be Earned by White-Collar Criminals with a Drug Problem

Unfortunately, the stigma that exists for claiming a drug or alcohol problem prevents many white-collar criminals from admitting their addiction during their Pre-Sentence Investigation with a Federal Probation Officer. These interviews take place before sentencing, and they are the only chance to guarantee a white-collar criminal is deemed eligible to earn the RDAP sentence reduction. Any white-collar defendant who decides not to confess their addiction at this point will lose the opportunity to earn the time cut. They still will be allowed to take the program, but they won't earn the twelve-months off.

How Can a White-Collar Criminal Further Safeguard their Eligibility to Earn a Year Off?

A white-collar criminal with a drug or alcohol problem should explain to his or her attorney, probation officer, and later the judge, how this addiction influenced the decision-making process leading to the crimes. They should further demonstrate a commitment to change by asking for permission to attend NA, AA, or rehab while on Pre-Trial Release. If they are denied bond, they should see if the jail or holding facility offers any programs of this nature while awaiting trial or sentencing. Doing this will can help a white-collar criminal earn the year off.

How From Cell 2 Soul Federal Prison Consultants Can Help White-Collar Criminals Prepare for RDAP, Time Cuts, and Every Other Aspect of the Incarceration Process

Our federal prison consultants have decades of firsthand experience with every aspect of prisoner life in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We can provide real value to our clients, whether they be white-collar criminals or another group of first-time offenders. We have expertise that doesn't require us to mislead potential clients or make false promises. For a free initial consultation, please call us at (252)-377-9867.

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