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From Cell 2 Soul Federal Prison Consultants Created Online Courses to Provide a Cheaper Option to First-Time Offenders

A Cheaper Option to Private Prison Consultants

At From Cell 2 Soul Federal Prison Consultants, we recognize that some first-time offenders and their families cannot afford to pay the expensive consulting rates charged by most firms. In answer to this, we created online courses offering the same information we provide in our private consulting services at a much cheaper price. These online courses prepare first-time offenders for federal prison. The information is available instantly on our website.

Our Online Courses Prepare First-Time Offenders Using Our Five-Step Federal Prison Consulting Strategy

Each course includes fifteen videos and an eBook available immediately. In addition, a print book will be mailed to your prison once you self-surrender. As of now, Step One: Pre-Sentence Investigation through Your First 90 Days in Federal Prison and Step Two: Federal Prison Etiquette and Survival Strategies are available for sale. A special discounted rate is granted when purchasing both courses together. Steps Three-Five will be added to our library soon.

How Do Our Online Courses Compare to Hiring a Federal Prison Consultant in a Private Capacity?

Federal Prison Consultants are expensive. Most firms start at $10,000 retainers, and there is no guarantee they will remain available to you throughout your sentence. From Cell 2 Soul's federal prison consulting services are available online for a fraction of the cost.

Learn More About From Cell 2 Soul's Online Federal Prison Consulting Courses

If you or a loved one is facing time in federal prison, you probably have a lot of questions you need answered and worries you're not sure how to solve. If you would like to learn more about our courses, click the button below.

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