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Federal Prison Etiquette 101: How to Make the Best First Impression When You Self-Surrender

From Cell 2 Soul Federal Prison Consultants has created a video series to help white-collar criminals and other first-time offenders stay safe in custody. We offer this as an online course at, but we've also decided to release a series of video clips to share some of these prison etiquette tips with those who have subscribed to our blog. This video focuses on making the best first impression when you self-surrender at your first prison.

What is Federal Prison Etiquette?

Every social interaction in life lives by rules and expected behaviors. You have to behave a certain way for a woman to agree to a second date. Prison is no different. The only difference, in fact, is the severity of consequences when you make a mistake. Inmates are a judgmental lot, and they expect every new fish on the compound to behave a certain way to avoid compound discipline. Prison etiquette are the unwritten rules governing convict life.

Prison Etiquette 101: Making a Good First Impression

This blog focuses on making a good first impression. We call it: Too friendly, too fast. Trying to be very friendly when you first reach a compound sets a bad first impression. Inmates will always assume the worst about you until you prove them wrong. Usually, convicts who act very friendly when they first get on a prison yard are either: junkies trying to run up a quick debt before checking in, or sexual predators looking for prey.

It is a much better idea to be reserved when first hit a yard. Be friendly to anyone who approaches you, but refrain from trying to meet everyone in your block the first day. Stay to yourself until you figure out the good inmates from the bad. Make others earn your friendship instead of being too outgoing.

Federal Prison Etiquette Online Course

From Cell 2 Soul's Second Online Prison Consulting Course covers prison etiquette. If you feel the need to learn all the rules before you self-surrender, let our twenty-three years experience in the Federal Bureau of Prisons guide you.

For those who prefer our personal care, click below for information regarding our private consulting services.

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