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Cell Etiquette: Tips to Avoid Friction with Your Cellie in Federal Prison

From Cell 2 Soul Prison Consulting Offers Tips for Surviving Incarceration by Using Proper Federal Prison Cell Etiquette

Most friction in federal prison arises from two strangers trying to coexist in an 8' X 11' space. Even in the best of situations, men sharing a cell will get on one another's nerves. To stand the best chance at keeping the peace and avoiding a fight, convicts have to live by certain unwritten federal prison cell etiquette rules. Watch the video for a crash course in cell etiquette.

As petty as this may sound, altercations between roommates have started from one using the toilet in a way outside standard practice for old school prisoners. Inmates have been beaten up for something as simple as spitting toothpaste in a sink. Others have been forced to fight for not spraying down a toilet seat with disinfectant. To learn how to behave in a convict-approved manner, watch the video above.

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