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Can Federal Judges Be Swayed to Reduce Time at Sentencing?

Most Federal Prison Consultants online promise they can help you get less time at sentencing by showing you how to sway your judge's mind. Although in some cases, a properly-worded, heartfelt statement at sentencing may influence a judge to depart downwardly when giving out time, there is no guarantee that will be the case. Many factors go into the final decision, and no consultant can deliver optimum results in every case.

What Factors Influence the Circumstances at Sentencing in Federal Court?

Ultimately, your attorney will be the best person to decide whether it would be a favorable strategy for you to make an impassioned plea at sentencing. Many factors go into deciding this: Do you have pending state charges? If so, accepting responsibility in federal court could hurt you on the state side. What area of the country are you being tried in? Liberal judges may be more receptive to your words than conservative ones. Does your attorney have a working knowledge of your judge's personality, sentencing history, and likely response to a statement by you at sentencing? Can you be genuine? Can you demonstrate remorse in some other way (restitution, rehab, character witnesses, or family support in the court room)?

Can From Cell 2 Soul Federal Prison Consultants Help Me Form a Narrative to Help Sway my Judge at Sentencing in Federal Court?

From Cell 2 Soul Federal Prison Consultants works on a case-by-case basis with our private clients. We never make unrealistic or unscrupulous promises to those that hire us. We review each individual case and confer with our clients' attorneys for their opinions before reaching a final decision; however, wherever appropriate, we will assist clients in shaping the best narrative possible. For those not able to hire us directly, we offer online courses and books that provide advice on these matters. For more information, click one of the links below.

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